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Mike Frederiqo is an aspiring artist that copies every other brand and creating into a brand on its own life. Multiple brand founders are his source of inspiration, which include many celebrities and its associated classic images or logos.

He makes full use of his sense of humor and creativity in creating parody art of luxury brands instead of just a logo, which allows people to feel closer to luxe. He aims to use parody to incorporate different fashion elements and strike a perfect balance between luxury brands and street wear – which is his bold and interesting way to pay homage to the classic.

Mike Frederiqo hopes his brand can make everyone’s life more meaningful wither their products. They believe that fashion and art is not made just for a certain type of people, but is for everyone who understands and appreciates it. The current lifestyle is all about rules and regulations but with Mike Frederiqo, they hope to challenge people to bring out their curiosity and force them to think out of the box – to have the energy to feel refreshed and change, just like how Mike did with his products.